Viola – A nice Italian Restaurant in Finland


I staied at least 3 times at this nice Restaurant in Helsinki, just in front of the harbour. It is the Restaurant of Raddison Blue Hotel, but people may visit it even if they don’t stay at the hotel. Good place for having some relax time, simply by a wine glass or tasting a mixed Finnish/Italian dinner. Location is very pleasant, with a dainty decor: white and purple contrast is what may be more appreciated in the restaurant style.

Grilled salmon with  crawfishes risotto

Grilled salmon with crawfishes risotto

IMG_3403 IMG_3402As soon as you arrive at your table, waiters (also very polite and well-working) offer a slice of italian bread with extra Virgin oil as starter. We tried grilled salmon on a bed of italian risotto. Fantastic taste and optimal presentation of the dish. Tiramisu as dessert, very “italian like”. Right price considering that Helsinki is quite expensive. Surely, I will come back to try some more dishes, mabye “pizza”; even if it is not a tipically Finnish dish, I’m sure that Viola’s chef will be able to do that in a good way. My vote: 8/10. Last indication for you: if you’ll visit Viola in winter (from december to february) take a look at nice lights on plants outside the restaurant and try a glass of wine to make more warm the cold, cold, Helsinki winter. Viola: a small italian island in the Finnish culture!

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